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Wow! What a weekend!


I hope you’ve been able to get a little rest since Saturday. Alex and I are still decompressing from the events of the weekend and wanted to quickly give you a shout out for all of your help.


A lot of people asked me throughout the wedding planning process how stressed I was and I can honestly say we never got overwhelmed. We were at ease knowing that your team was handling so many of the logistics and were confident our guests would have a great time. Saturday exceeded our expectations!


We received so many compliments from the beauty of the venue to the food to the atmosphere, it was such a blast!


Alex and I were so pleased when we first sat down at the sweetheart table and had our beverage of choice and a selection of apps ready for us to eat (plus the cupcakes!). It was so helpful to have the wait staff walk with us through the buffet line and refill our drinks. We were so grateful to have that service!


We also really appreciate your organization and structure. Our bridal party and family thought the rehearsal on Friday went well (despite a few flower girl meltdowns) and you did a great job of keeping us on schedule during Saturday. I also noticed you carrying the flowers from the ceremony to reception space and everything seemed to be in place as we requested.


The fact that your team packed everything up and placed it in the lobby made it so easy for us to load-up and head out to our after party at the end of the night. Perhaps a little too easy – someone did end up grabbing the three jars with baby’s breath flowers by accident. We can bring those back to you this week.


Again, thanks to you and the Palomino staff for a great weekend. We will never forget it!



Whitney & Alex Caldwell

Mr. & Mrs. Caldwell